Monday, December 7, 2009

Communication in an Alzheimer's World

Let's face it, dealing with Alzheimer's is not easy. Understanding Alzheimer's disease is not easy. Some people can't do it...ever...
Bob DeMarco
Alzheimer's Reading Room

It takes a lot of energy, learning, and patience to deal with the Alzheimer's disease.

In order to begin the process of dealing with communication in a world fill with Alzheimer's you first need to make a simple important decision -- you want to decrease both your stress as caregiver, and the stress of the person suffering from Alzheimer's.

Read that carefully, you want to reduce stress. You want to change the dynamic. You want to change for the better -- you want and need to change the way things are.

You might be wondering why I just repeated myself. Why? Because I believe it is necessary to get focused on what you want to accomplish, if you ever expect to accomplish it. It must become a deep and strong desire within you.

A goal.

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